The Power of Aggregated Data

SCOPE has partnered with some of the leading point-of-sale platforms in the shooting sports industry to aggregate a comprehensive data sample to help businesses analyze consumer sales. Through this partnership our POS partners have the capability to provide SCOPE CLX reporting to their retail subscribers. If you are subscribed to one of our partner platforms below, contact them to learn how you can access the power of SCOPE data.

SCOPE Reports

For retailers utilizing other POS platforms, SCOPE offers our quarterly and annual reports for purchase. Take advantage of the industry's most extensive sales report to stay on top of trends and product performance.

Point-of-Sale Partners

An Industry-Owned Initiative

NASGW is a leader in data collection and business analytics for the shooting sports industry. Our mission is to grow the industry by strengthening businesses with better information. SCOPE is a suite of data-driven tools designed in partnership with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to benefit our businesses.