Distributor Inventory, Sales and Shipments

Understanding product movement starts with distribution. Accounting for 65% of all firearms transactions in 2021, SCOPE DLX data is the largest and most accurate data source available. From inventory to distributor sales, DLX will help businesses better evaluate weeks of product on hand as well as product trends. DLX is available with aggregated data from across the channel or upgrade to see how your business compares to the rest of the industry.

DLX Features

    • Weekly Distributor Shipment Reports
    • Market Trends
    • Quantity-on-Hand
    • Product Sell-Through Rates
    • Geographic Shipment Data
    • Exportable Data
    • Market Share Analysis Available


Distributor Partners Partners

Available Categories

DLX is currently available for firearms, optic, and ammunition with select accessory categories coming soon.


Segment and search products to make sure you are capturing the right results to help you properly compare and analyze trends.

Weekly Data Updates

Distributors share their sales & inventory on a weekly basis to keep SCOPE data current and accurate.

Comparing Your Business

Manufacturers and Distributors can upgrade to view their DLX data compared to the rest of the channel to understand their market share.

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